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2009 Commerce Tiger Football Schedule

tiger helmt

2009 Football Schedule (download more detailed pdf)









Morgan County



Franklin County



Lincoln County



Athens Academy



Athens Christian






Lakeview Academy



Social Circle



Prince Avenue Christian


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Wrestling Videos Coming Soon

I’ll have some highlight videos of Commerce Tiger wrestling from last season up soon. If anyone has any video footage of other sports feel free to email me,

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Commerce Possibly AA

There’s a little talk about Commerce going to Class AA at some point. The gates from all the local games that would be in the Tigers’ region would be nice indeed. The region title would be within reach each year as well. The playoffs might be rough but really there are only a couple AA teams that are unbeatable in recent years …. Buford and Charlton County.

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Commerce’s Biggest Thorn in the Side

I know Commerce has some good rivalries with some local teams. Jefferson’s 2 wins in 2 years is hurtful to the residents of Commerce. The team from Lincolnton is about as popular here as the swine flu. But Athens Academy has done more damage to the Tigers in recent years than any other team in my opinion. Region titles are within grasp some years only to be ripped by the Spartans. It was along time before AA had success against the Tigers but now it seems like it is hard to get the tide turned back.

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Thanks to Buhler Yarns

I want to thank Buhler Quality Yarns Corp. for being a Platinum Sponsor on this website. They are located in Jefferson Georgia.

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Why Football Gets More

I sometimes hear people in the news complaining about why different sports don’t get either the attention or the funding that football does. As for the limited personal experience I have in our area, this is what I know. Each coach at Commerce that I have heard talk about the subject of funding for their sports has said this, and I am paraphrasing, “Coach Savage makes sure we get whatever we need”.

Lesser sports get less funding and attention. It is very much like the free market. Products and services that please the most people make those companies lots of money. It is a free exchange of money for products. If 100,000 people show up to each Tennessee Vols home football game and only 1500 for to each Lacrosse game, who do you think deserves more attention or funding? The answer is obvious. I don’t care about the word “fair” either. No such thing in this world as “fair”. You get what you get. If you want more go work harder in the area in which you think you deserve more. So if the Vols Lacrosse team wants more money devoted to their program they need to sell more tickets or raise money solely for their sport.

Football is king in this country. If not for football many colleges and high schools could not afford to have much of an athletic program or maybe a program at all. For the nine years I have operated the Commerce website I have asked people to send in any information from sports other than football so I can post it. I have gotten almost no response from fans or readers of this website. I would love to post information on other sports but I am not a reporter so it is up to the fans to promote their sports. The coaches I have contacted have been very helpful in submitting information or even doing interviews.

Football is the fountain from which other sports drink from in most athletic programs. I hope people realize this before condemning the attention and funding that America’s True Favorite Pastime gets.

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Bridge Painting

I wonder when the bridge painting started. Of course I mean the bridge between Jefferson and Commerce. It goes on each year where students from each school paint the school colors on the bridge on the road from Commerce to Jefferson. I’ll try to find out from Coach Prickett.

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Tiger Yearbook Update Coming Soon

Coach Prickett is almost finished with the updated version of the Tiger Yearbook. I look forward to the new edition. The stats in this book are as deep as any college stat book you might find in my opinion.

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Booster Clubs

How important are booster clubs to an athletic program? They are huge. While they don’t make or break a program, they can make things much nicer for the athletes and the fans, I guess they butt heads with coaches sometimes but other than that I think they are a positive thing for any athletic program if they are run correctly.

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